EGM 16th January 2023



Thank you all for attending the EGM on Monday, even though it was not a meeting I wanted to have.

Your support over the years has created many great memories of shared knowledge and interests, it is just a shame that reduced membership has forced the closure of the Society.

 As you will have heard, we hope to continue with the Bee Fly and possibly have the occasional outing, in an informal manner. Any small contributions of your own experiences or observations during the year can be enjoyed by others and you may know of an interesting area for a gentle walk where we could join you.

 I am sure most of you know of and some of you will belong to, other groups with similar or complimentary interests but I have made a list of some that I know about myself.

Bracknell Forest is the nearest Natural History Society but some of the other groups put their talks on the internet, via Zoom or on their own You Tube channel. The Field Studies Council also have some talks available and Entolive is a new venue for invertebrate presentations from NBN.

 I have made a separate list which should be attached.

 I hope to see lots of you and hear about your activities during the year and wish you all health and happiness.

 Kind regards



Following on from Bernard’s message, - we will be maintaining the membership mailing list in order to communicate messages about the winding up of the Society, however, you will see in Bernard’s message that there was/is a desire from those members present at the meeting to continue to try and keep in touch independently by continuing with the Bee Fly.

 With this in mind, I will amend the  mailing list to those of you who wish to continue receiving the Bee Fly and would ask you to inform me if you DO NOT wish to be included.

 Many thanks,

Regards to All,