Members Update 22nd August 2021

Dear All,

First off for this update are Jean and Roger Hoyle who sent the following message with some superb photos:

“Mike,  We haven't seen much wildlife here in Camberley recently but I have attached a couple of photos from Devon. I think the bird is a Wheatear but am happy to be told it's something else, as it was not very close. We saw many on Dartmoor and they kept standing on a rock and then flying to another one when we got near. Our bird book says that's a characteristic of a Wheatear so hope I'm right. We saw the butterfly which, we think is a 'Wall', in a Devon churchyard. The parish have left the area around the gravestones as a wild area so it was full of insects.        

The 'Ringlet' and Red Admiral are Roger's photos. They were both seen in a Devon meadow. Roger also spotted a 'Jersey tiger moth' on a neighbour's wall. It's only found in Devon and Jersey. No photo though.     Kind regards,  Jean”

Jean, for what it’s worth, - I agree with your ID’s, - also interesting that Roger saw that Tiger Moth and Chris managed to photograph it last week!!

                               Wall Brown by Jean                                                                                                                                                                             Wheatear by Jean