Members Update 18th AUGUST 2023

Members Update 18th AUGUST 2023



Hello again, happy to say that the contributions keep coming in.


We kick off this update with a patiently awaited horticultural success story for Pat and Mary….


6th August: “Dear Mike, More nice pictures! Here’s my contribution.

Long ago the CNHS presented me with a mulberry tree. It was about 6 ft tall and grew nothing but leaves for many years. I decided several times to dig it up but never got around to doing so. Last year it produced some berries and this year quite a lot of them. They are a bit small, but delicious.

Also long ago, I bought Mary a fig tree (she likes them). It was a small cutting from a big tree at Polesden Lacey (National Trust) and I haven’t seen any for sale there since. It was about knee high in a small pot. I planted it on our patio and it grew some figs last year, but Mary kept picking them “to see if they were ripe”. This year it has gone made. Lots of figs suddenly ripened, went soft and burst. But there are plenty more. Now I will have to cut the thing back or it will block our patio windows! Pat”