Members Update 11th October 2021

 First from Ann Bouverie, this should have appeared in the last update but somehow ‘got lost in the post’ – sorry Ann!

 “Sorry no Bee fly but found this unusual fungus in my garden, never seen it before, 'Earthstar' geastrum.

My one butterfly to visit my garden this year a Painted Lady, masses of honey

and digger bees on the Michaelmas daisies, no bee flies.       Ann Bouverie”


 Next up is Ken Crick:

“Judging by the response at CNHS zoom session this species of moth is well known but it was new to me. So for those of us who haven’t encountered this striking species, it is an unwanted invasive species from the Far East, with no natural predators first identified in the UK in 2008. There are two variants, the one not featured here is mostly light brown. The older larvae completely consume the leaves of Box. Green ball shaped excrement can usually be seen decorating host plants.”