Members Update 3rd April 2202


 We start this update with a note from Bernard in response to Roger’s call for help with identifying Leaf Miners, see the email attachment accompanying Bernard’s note (I went along with Bernard’s conclusion!):


29 March: Mike, a comment on Roger’s leaf mine.

“The mine tunnel is caused by a micro moth; it is either Stigmella aurella or Stigmella spledidissimella.

Stigmella has a wide range and number of species but these two species are found on bramble leaves.

They can sometimes be identified by the frass in the mine, one having a central line of frass and the other a more disperse pattern.

If you really want to have a go at ID ing it yourselves, have a look at the attached paper. I would just be happy with Stigmella, and yes they do grow as they move through the leaf. 

Regards, Bernard”


Jenny and I went for a walk on Sunday over Swinley Forest adjacent to the pasture in Bagshot Park, we were looking for wild flowers to photograph but were distracted when we saw and heard a massive flock of sheep which had been rounded up, we believe for ‘dipping’. However, we gathered they must have just been relieved of their lambs, hence the noise they were making, there were just a few with lambs which had been separated in a far field.