Members Update Special

Members Update Special


Hello, here we are again, but with a difference. Coincidentally Richard had a couple of contributions within a day or so and due to the size of the link below it would have overloaded an email with more content, so hence the ‘Special’!

We are sure you will like the short video, Richard did, - thanks for forwarding Richard.

“Hi Mike & Jenny, I thought you might think about this little video for the pure entertainment value to add to the spot the Bee Fly, I love it myself. Richard”.

Double Click on the link below: (I have opened it several times quite safely).


Richard then followed up with the following ‘Ratty’ experience!

“Hi again Mike,  I thought that the following might interest the folks as well, I noticed that my sewer seemed to not be working properly and upon opening it discovered why, a Rats nest, I have never seen the like before.

Wondering how the rats got in there I noticed a great big horizontal crack in the surrounding cement caused by a root from the adjacent conifer tree finding the crack in the first place and expanding to such a degree that it raised the whole of the frame and cement trim to open the crack wide”.