Members Update 20th October 2023

Members Update 20th October 2023


Hello again, we have a nice selection of comments and photos for this update from our regular contributors, so thank you all for your support in keeping the Bee Fly going.

Firstly, a comment from Katrina following my photos of the Bees and Flies on our Ivy bushes:

9th October: Hi Mike/Jenny. These were interesting. No photos I’m afraid, but a couple of years ago, the IVY on the bridge above Blackwater station was practically Full of Wasps, standing there watching them must have been bemusing to the passing 'public', but no-one asked, so I couldn’t' 'educate' them on what good these beasties do. Regards, Katrina

Next up is Chris, following a recent meet-up with Mary and Irene she is giving us an informed ID comparison between these similar looking Gulls:

11th October: Hija, Irene and I had a very pleasant stay with Mary in Portesham, end of September. On a visit to Lodmoor there were many gulls. Here are both Mediterranean and Black Headed Gulls, very similar but for the black edges to tail on Black headed.

Mediterranean and Black Headed Gulls