Mycena alcalina The Stump Fairy Helmet


Mycena alcalina                              The Stump Fairy Helmet


A species of conifer plantations, making an appearance in small trooping groups on or adjacent to conifer stumps in the autumn, the cap size is reportedly up to 30mm across but those recorded locally have been nearer 15mm. The pale grey-brown cone shaped cap, expands with age to be broadly bell shaped. The course


grooves when damp become finer when dry. The flesh is whitish when fresh, thin & smells of ammonia.  The smooth, slender stems colour closely resembles that of the cap & has a downy base.

The pallid grey gills have a paler edge, are broad, quite widely spaced & are connected to the stem by the whole depth of the gill.

The spore print is white. The spores are drawn together in a dense pile to determine the colour.