Macrolepiota procera Parasol

Macrolepiota procera                                                   Parasol                       

This magnificent species is widely distributed in this locality, being relatively common, appearing in small groups or as solitary specimens, from late summer to autumn. The cap size varies from 100 to 250mm across, emerging fist as an ovoid it expands, flattens developing a slight depression, in the centre of which is a dark slightly raised patch surrounded by dark and pale scales, outwardly dispersed to the margin.          


                                            The stem is cylindrical, sometimes narrowing from the base to the apex. It is smooth above the double ring but scally below. The ring is capable of being slid up or down the stem while retaining its integrity. The gills are crowded, free of attachment and remote from the stem.

 Beneath the ground the stem is attached to a bulbous base. The spores on mass are greyish cream, those featured were removed from a gill & back lit with a warm light over emphasising the yellow tones.