Southern Beech Tree

 Rare Southern Beech Tree found in Bramsfill Plantation 

This unusual non-native tree is not encountered often in the wild but can be found at Bramshill Plantation, being just one of 52 species across Bramshill & the two Warrens. It is an Evergreen Southern Beech Nothofagus dombeyi. The near smooth silver grey bark is finely lined horizontally but as the tree ages the older bark forms rough red-grey plates, almost like a conifer. Originating in the Southern Central Andes the leaves of this tree have been found in the fossilized stomachs of Dinosaurs. The leaves are quite distinctive, speckled on the upper shiney surface and crazed on the underside, with irregular jagged edges. The tiny nuts look like pursed lips but with a broad spike at the centre.   

Regards Ken