Members Update 1st April 2023

Spot the Bee Fly update 1st April 2023

Hello again, we have a couple of observations for this update from Ian & Viv and from Bernard, plus a couple from us. Obviously, the weather has not been conducive to getting out and about hence not too much activity being recorded. Anyway, thank you to our contributors for this update.

First from Ian & Viv, whom you may recall were in Spain at the same time as we were, - what we did not tell you was that they had the misfortune to succumb to Covid whilst they were there, which obviously restricted their movements but despite all they managed the next couple of photos for us:

After we recovered from Covid, we had one walk before we came home and photo’d this partridge and a red squirrel. Not much wildlife from 2 weeks away. Kind regards. Ian & Viv”