Members Update 11th December 2022


Hello again, I guess this will be the last one before Christmas, - I believe I may have misled some of you in the last update when I mentioned the word ‘last’, I was meaning only before Christmas, not for always, so sorry for that.

Thank you to Ian and Viv, Philip and Rob for your notes and photos. A really good mix of birds in the Middleton garden, it looks like they are being very well fed!

The cold spell has certainly brought the birds out in our garden, our annual influx of Redwings occurred on Friday, about two months later than usual, they have stripped a vast number of berries from a cotoneaster tree that overhangs our garden, it provides a good opportunity for some photographs.

30th November from Philip Thompson in response to our last update: “Thanks - must get the camera out, now my old dead laptop has been replaced.   Philip”

Thank you Philip, can’t wait to see the photos!

30th November from Ian & Viv Middleton: “Hi Mike, I don’t have anything amazing for your last issue, but I thought you might like this shot of my bird feeders today. In addition to the birds in the picture we had Rooks, Collard Doves, Chaffinches, and great tits feeding this morning.   Kind regards, Ian & Viv”