Members Update 29th January 2023



Hello again, I’m afraid we are having to begin this update with the very sad news that it was decided at our EGM on 16th January to formally close our Society.



It was unanimously accepted at the end of the EGM to continue with the Bee Fly in order to maintain the many long-time friendships that have become established between us all, so – please continue to send in your photos and not only your reports of your natural history sightings but also items of general interest that you may wish to share.

Hopefully, in the better weather, we will be able to arrange to meet up for a walk or a get-together somewhere, perhaps you may have thoughts or suggestions on possible venues?

I did send an email asking if you are happy to continue receiving the Bee Fly and to date I’m pleased to say that there have been no negative responses, however, should you wish to be taken off the list then please let me know.

Only one contributor for this update, - Chris Rose, thanks Chris!

18 Jan. “Hi again, just downloaded a couple of photos from the after chat from yesterday’s EGM. Let’s hope we’ll be able to get together in the future.

But just to say many thanks to all those who made the society what it was, for the interests it promoted, the friends (past and present) it produced, the visits to places I’d never thought of, all the laughter and tears over the years (from 1982). Here’s to the memories. Chris”