Members Update 23rd May 2022

SPOT THE BEE FLY etc. etc. UPDATE 23RD May 2022

Hello again, still the contributions keep coming, so thank you all for your continued interest and involvement. We begin this update with a note from our President, Pat Morris dated 11th May.

“We have had pair mandarin and pair mallards visiting our lawn this week. Must get photos! Pat”

We await the photos Pat!

I should add that Pat had sent a similar message prior to our last update and I unfortunately forgot to include it. We haven’t seen our Mandarins for a couple of weeks or so but our neighbour assures us they are still around; she believes they are eating the tops of her radishes!

Mike Clift has become an ardent bird watcher since moving home to Dorset and as he says here, - he is still learning…

“I went to the Stour on Sunday and saw a gull with red beak.  I have always sorted the Black headed gulls by the head colour but had not realised its bill was not yellow!”