Members Update 13th August 2022


Hello again, we start this update with messages from Joan and from Bernard:

Thank you Joan for your kind words

A message from Joan

I would like to extend a big thank you to Jenny and Mike following our visit to their garden in July. It is such a delightful garden with flowers, which were lovely, and the moving water helping to almost forget the current ghastly drought, AND you should have seen the cakes - wow -- so thanks to you both.

The next meet up is to be to our garden which is suffering badly through lack of rain but can still welcome you. It was to have been on Sunday 28th August but we have to be elsewhere on that day so hopefully you can come on Saturday 27th August. 2.00 to 4.00pm very flexibly.

Without loads of help I’m afraid it will be cold drinks and not teas but donated cakes would be very welcome.

But we do need to know if you are able to come as without you it would be a very quiet afternoon.

Tel.   01276 22574

From Bernard:

One day last week i had just stepped out of the front door when a large insect flew into the side of my head, at first I assumed it was a bumble bee but then I saw it was bright orange and flying very fast.
It landed on a shrub and I could see it was a Jersey Tiger moth, unfortunately it did not stay long enough for me to get my camera, so I have “borrowed” a picture from the internet.

Jersey Tigers are migrant moths which were once very rare visitors but now, with global warming, are becoming much more regular sightings. This was the first time I had seen the moth in this country so was particularly pleased that it was passing through the garden.   Bernard