Members Update 2nd September 2022

SPOT THE BEE FLY ETC. ETC. Update 2nd September 2022


Back again, having enjoyed a lovely cruise along the Douro River in Portugal, however, a day after arriving home we both tested positive with Covid! All’s well, not suffering too much.


Kicking-off this update are a couple of observations from Bernard, - the only one of you to pick up on my deliberate(?) mistake! Thanks Bernard.


“Mike,   Your Curlew looks a lot like a Whimbrel!”


Bernard has further commented on Rob’s photograph of the Willow Emerald Damselfly:


“The report of Willow Emerald and Rob’s great picture, is very interesting. I do not know if that has been recorded in Lightwater Country Park before. It is on the NBN Atlas from Windlesham Arboretum in 2020.



Below is a piece from the British Dragonfly Society and a map of the pre 2021 records, with 2021 records as blue dots.”


“Just a decade ago, the Willow Emerald Damselfly had only been reliably recorded in the UK on 2 occasions, in 1979 and 1992. A single individual was then recorded in south east Suffolk during 2007, followed in 2009 by a sudden boom of 400 records of the species from this same general area (SE Suffolk/NE Essex). Since this time, the Willow Emerald has spread rapidly across the south-east of England, gaining footholds in new counties on a yearly basis.”