Members Update 24 January 2022


SPOT THE BEE FLY ETC. ETC. update 24 January 2022  

First up is an interesting observation by Ian Middleton from his home in Dorset on the 18th January.   No doubt another example of the effects of climate change. Has anyone else noticed any other examples of the possible effects of the changing weather patterns?    Thanks Ian! 

“Hi Mike 

Yesterday I watched house Martins nest building under the eaves of our local doctor's surgery. 

I have not noticed that this early in previous years. 

Kind regards,



18th January from Chris Rose: 

“Hija, we went back today to this site, so I can show you what these flowers look like. Pity you can’t smell the subtle scent....lovely. Chris”  

For an earlier edition of the Bee Fly, Chris sent us a photo of the Winter Heliotrope and I had responded to Chris that I would not have known what the flower was if she had not identified it, - hence the above response and following photo from her…

Winter Heliotrope