Agaricus bitorquis Pavement Mushroom

Agaricus bitorquis                                   Pavement Mushroom


Found on Yateley’s Reading Road between the White Lion public house and the Tythings, emerging from the joint between the tarmacadam and the kerb stone. As can be seen the gutter was somewhat wet at the time. This species can also occur on compacted dry sandy soil e.g. footpaths on Bramshill Plantation. It makes only occasional appearances but can be found in large groups, tufted or trooping. Caps can be up to 120mm across slightly convex with a flat top which can be a little depressed, dull grey tinted pale ochre to drab brown, smooth with an inrolled margin that eventually unrolls to reach beyond the gills.                                 


The gills are initially dull pink becoming dark brown, shallow, crowded & free, with a smooth edge that can be white but this easley rubs off. The stem is cylindrical and smooth above the ring, which is fairly persistent, is usually broad, turned over at the top & seeking to turn upwards along the lower margin.

The flesh in the cap is white, bruising slightly, more so in the stem becoming clay pink when cut.