Members Update 9th June 2023


Hello again, we hope you are all enjoying the summer weather, - probably too hot for some, - we need the rain! Jenny is out every morning with the watering can, filled with our (my) washing up water.

As per my final comment in the last update, the insects are about but seem to be fewer than last year, however, Roger Hoyle has found some in his garden with superb close-up photos to prove it. Thanks Roger, - (I believe the Beetle is a Garden Chafer…..?)

Dear Mike, here are a few for the Bee Fly.  It has been nice to get out in the garden and photograph a few insects in the recent sunny weather. The beetle was rather attractive.  I tried to identify it on Google but couldn’t decide between Garden Chafer Beetle or Rose Chafer.  Perhaps someone will be able to help.  The Hoverfly was interesting - it kept grooming its wings with its hind legs.  The Red Damselflies have returned around the pond, but not in large numbers yet.  I almost missed the Speckled Bush Crickets.  They were very small, bodies about 3 mm long and well camouflaged.  I think they must have been recently hatched nymphs. Best wishes, Roger.”