July 2021

CNHS July update

Past Midsummer and what would have been our last meeting before the Autumn.  What a change in the weather – all the gardeners are saying the wet and warm has accelerated the growth in the garden so much we are finding it hard to cope.
Out in the wider countryside the lush growth of grasses has made it quite difficult to sneak up on my reptiles, although, on the heathland sites, it is not such a problem.

Now is a good time to get out onto the heaths, on a sunny day they are a delight with many insects including the Silver-studded Blues which I photographed in Light water this week.

I have added a few pictures from Folly Bog, the Marsh Orchid and the Bog Asphodel grow in the damp areas and the Heath-spotted Orchids are along the track above the bog. There are a great many various colour forms and you can see a Twayblade in amongst them in my picture.
The Bog Asphodel Northeim ossiferous is interesting as it was thought to cause broken bones in cattle, hence the specific name ossiferous i.e. bone breaker. The real reason that the animals were susceptible to broken bones was because of the poor grazing on the acid heath did not provide enough calcium.


As the Covid situation is still a concern we are not going to instigate indoor meetings until we can be sure that you will be confident to return. Our President has suggested that we start September with a zoom meeting.  He has offered to give 3 or 4 lectures, September to December, if enough people express interest.   They will be run on the usual meeting nights of the first Thursday of the month. It is very simple to join and listen to the talks and you can interact, or not, just as you please. So please let us know if a) you are interested and b) if you will be happy to join in.


Our other proposal is that Jenny and Mike Hillman will open their garden on Saturday 24th July 2.30 to 4.30pm for members to come for a cup of tea, a chat and a raffle, no entry fee.

Their address: 6 Mill Field, Bagshot, GU19 5DR

Then Joan and Bernard will open their garden on Sunday 29th August, same timing and a similar arrangement.  We need a response as to whether you can attend one or both which we sincerely hope you will.

Please reply to this email and we will look forward to seeing you, either virtually or in the flesh. Please also include in your responses your possible interest in our proposal for the Zoom talks. Reply to: mikehillman@talktalk.net

 Best wishes

Bernard & Joan.