Members Update 15th August 2021

Dear All,

We have a few more sightings kindly sent in, - thank you to the subscribers!

Firstly, a few comments from Bernard with regard of some of our last images:  

 “Mike,    Another good selection from members I am afraid I have not been photographing much recently.    I think that the first of Chris’s bees is a Buff-tailed BB but the pale one is not clear enough. I was impressed that she had seen High Brown Fritillary as I did not realise they were in Devon, it made me read up about them. They look very much like the Dark green fritillary which we can see in our area.       Having checked on Roger’s picture of the wasp I now know it is not a Bee Wolf, they are a bit bulkier and have orange on the back of their head.

it is probably one of the “sand pit” wasps but getting it to species is beyond me.     You will remember the talk by Jeremy Early, who photographs many insects in his garden, he has a few pictures of this large group of wasps here. 

Very interesting selection from you and Jenny, I think the duck is a Tufted duck, they are late breeders.  The “cricket” is a grasshopper. Crickets have long antennae and grasshoppers short ones, Lesser White-front geese have the white eye ring. 

Best wishes, Bernard”

Chris’ Bee, probably a Buff Tailed


 Roger’s Wasp, probably one of the ‘Sand Pit Wasps’



Mike’s Ducks, ‘probably Tufted’