Members Update 19th November 2021

Spot the Bee Fly etc. etc. 19th November 2021


We have quite a few images for you this time, - I have cheated a bit by adding one of my own Hare images (taken in Hungary, which Jackie might appreciate!) to support her interesting story below: 

“Lots of Hares!     Hi Mike and Jenny

I was walking with friends along the coast path last Saturday and we stopped to have a snack.  We were at the base of a large upward sloping arable field, which had had maize harvested off it so it was fairly open.  Suddenly at the top of the hill people started clay pigeon shooting and three roe deer then ran across the field, through a gap in the hedge and up the adjoining field.  The deer were then followed by at least 11 hares which seemed to appear from nowhere.  They also ran through gaps in the hedge and scattered across the adjoining field.

A wonderful sight.  I have never seen so many hares at one time!     Regards,     Jackie 

PS - We all identified them as hares.  Definitely NOT rabbits!”