CNHS Update May 2021

CNHS Update May 2021

April has been very cold and dry so hopefully we can now look forward to frost free Spring weather.

It has been heartening to see the response to my last update, with a number of people reporting on the appearance of Bee Flies in their gardens, along with other sightings.  Maybe you can move on to having a closer look at the different Bumble Bees which will be visiting.
Here is a chart of the ones you are most likely to see, with the exception of the Heath BB, this is a chart from the Somerset Wildlife trust. 

(To open: right click on the icon, then click on ‘Acrobat Document Object’, then ‘Open’)

There is a lot of information on the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust’s website;  Bee The Change where they are running this new project.

It would be nice to contemplate a re-start for natural History meetings but it seems that restrictions will prevent indoor activities from starting for some time yet. There were no suggestions for a picnic venue but I am sure we can arrange some short countryside visits later in the year.

Although we need rain I hope we do not get persistent long periods during any days. The birds are nesting and most of birds which use our nest boxes will be feeding young shortly, this is a difficult time and prolonged rain can have a disastrous effect on chick survival.

Already there are some hatched young in boxes; the picture (1)

 shows 11 newly hatched Blue Tits on the 29th April. Picture (2)